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ArtistoftheWeek:The Moonbabies4/12/09-4/19/09

The Moonbabies is a Swedish duo formed in 1997 by core members Ola Frick (Vocals, Guitar and misc. Instruments) and Carina Johansson (Vocals & Keys). In 1996 Ola Frick (Vocalist/Muliti-instrumentalist) and Carina Johansson (Vocalist/Piano/Keyboards) got together and began writing songs and gigging throughout their home city of Malmö, Sweden under the name Moonbabies. After some years playing around with different set-ups and styles, their debut 7", 'Air>>>Moon>>> Stereo' EP was released in the autumn of 1999. After quite some success with the EP, they got signed by US label Duckweed Records who released their debut album 'June and Novas', which met near unanimous critical approval for its blending of glimmering guitar lines, complex electronic and experimental passages, and hauntingly ethereal vocals. Moonbabies got praised by the American music press and has been described as "not just the best of their country but ours as well " by one admiring American critic and "an impressive marriage of traditional indie pop and modern electronic production" by another.

Their diverse music has been called "dream pop", "album rock", "mood pop", and "experimental underwater moods." Their strong melodic songs run the gamut from lulling to heavy rock, and their less traditional instrumental pieces often incorporate elements of classical music, psychedelia, and electronica. Tracks from 'June and Novas' got heavy rotation on Swedish National Radio, and impressive amounts of sale and attention for a small indie release.

"We still 'do it ourselves', everything from recording, mixing, designing the artwork. I think the band has the strongest ideas of how they want to approach their music and artwork." - Ola Frick in Breakthrough Magazine Interview 2001

Moonbabies needed exactly one album to establish themselves as the architects of some of the most exquisite 21st century pop. Compared to the likes of Grandaddy, My Bloody Valentine, Sgt Pepper era Beatles, Kate Bush and Jim O'Rourke. After the release of 2001's 'We're Layabouts' EP, Moonbabies did their first US tour and successfully headlined a dozen venues in the western USA. The following year Moonbabies released another critically acclaimed EP titled 'Standing on the Roof / Filtering the Daylight', which illustrated a significant departure from the Moonbabies' known brand of indiepop, and a change towards a more mature and sophisticated songwriting. After its release the band signed on to the Swedish label Chalksounds, to Hidden Agenda/Parasol in the USA and to Vinyl Junkie Records in Japan.

The band released their second full-length album 'The Orange Billboard', their most ambitious work to date, in January 2004. The album features a wonderful journey through the finest pop songs the band ever written and was praised with fantastic response from the critics and listeners. The swedish booking agency Motor/EMA took Moonbabies under their rooster and during the following 5 months, the band did amazingly around 50 shows. Ola and Carina went out on a acoustic tour supporting Eskobar in April and the band, including live members Markus Weitner (Guitar/Bass) and Anders Sejr Davidsen (Drums) grew to be a dynamic kicking liveact after a most successful tour of Germany.

The future looks bright for the band as Ola and Carina just recently did an successful acoustic tour together with the German band Monta in December 2004 in support of 'The Orange Billboard' album release in Germany.Their earliest efforts recalled early Indie/Shoegazer influences by bands like My Bloody Valentine, Ride and The Pixies, but with their 2004 album
The Orange Billboard, developed into more sophisticated pop music with a touch of The Beach Boys and The Beatles, as well as experimentation with electronics. The Single/Mini-album "War on Sound" was released in 2005 and became an immediate indie-anthem and followed success on radio and TV-shows like Grey's Anatomy. In 2007 Moonbabies at the Ballroom was released, a somewhat more constructed and song-oriented album including "Take me to the Ballroom", "Shout it Out", "Walking on my Feet" and "Cocobelle" which all were frequently aired on collage radio world-wide and included in several TV shows and commericals.

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