Monday, March 28, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Lisa Papineau3/28/10-4/4/10

Lisa Papineau is a strange musician. Yet her styles and unique influences really show in her debut album, Night Moves. The beats, melodies and lyrics really shows that she has promise. With her first album, Night Moves, she really showcases her musical personality. With electronic beats, saxophones, and waves, her songs moved in a way only she herself could describe. Songs like, Out To You and Power And Glory Part 1 were singles for the first album.
Her next album, Red Trees, was less electronic than it's predecessor. With songs titled, Sorry I Cannot English, and Gay Can't Wait Forever, you would be a little thrown off by the album. Yet the album proves itself through the sounds of acoustic and raw emotion from Papineau's voice.
If this is your first time hearing of this artist, you should find out more about her. She is a great find. Despite the first look of her in black making her look Gothic but she is not. (Just really pale. Haha)

Free Downloads

Out To You
Power And Glory Part I
The Quiet Storm
Saxophone Calypso
Power And Glory Part II
Sorry I Cannot English (Dopplebanger Remix)

Official Website

Music Video for Sorry I Cannot English

Monday, March 21, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Tired Pony 3/21/11-3/28/11

Tired Pony is a band consisting of, musicians from bands like, Snow Patrol , REM, and Belle & Sebastian. The band is a supergroup formed by Gary Lightbody. (Lightbody likes to make supergroups...) He formed the band and made this album with the mindset of making a Country album, but by the end of production the style of Tired Pony became more Americana than Country. Their first single, Dead American Writers, is a intellegent and hauntingly beautiful song that focuses on the journeys of American Writers that have passed on. (Twain, Hughes, Thoreau etc.)
Free Downloads
Northwestern Skies
Get On The Road
Dead American Writers
The Deepest Ocean There Is
Silver Atoms*
I Finally Love This Town*

Official Website
Music Video for Dead American Writers

Monday, March 14, 2011


Moumoon formed in the year of 2005 and didn't receive popular recognition until 2010 with their single, "Sunshine Girl". A cute poppy uplifting song geared towards females.
Thanks to the Anessa Commercial they have become a known pop duo for cute and happy or sweet and sad songs for the sentimental hearts.
After the success of their single they released two more chart-topping singles titled, "Moonlight" and "YAY". The songs were featured in more commercials and were getting more radio play than the songs they released before "Sunshine Girl".
After their successful year (2010) they released a new music video for the promotion of their recent album, "15 Doors". The new single is titled 15 Doors. The song is thought to be depicting the musical life of YUKA and Kosuke Masaki.
"5 Minutes Ago...10 Days Ago...15 Years Ago...15 Doors..."
Free Downloads
Selected Songs from Full Album
15 Doors


Selected Songs from Mini Album

Selected Songs from Mini Album

Moumoon Songs: English Edition

Official Website

Music Video for 15 Doors

Moumoon have gone far with their musical talents and commercial success, I wish all the luck for them on their musical journey! Go Moumoon!

Monday, March 7, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek: Adora Rising 3/7/11-3/14/11

This band I stumbled upon by searching CDBaby for Artists that sound like Gemma Hayes. (Of Course because Gemma is awesome.) And I found this band. This band reminds me of the simple sounds of Pop/Rock and the calm feeling of the Midwest. The lyrics really remind me of a Singer/Songwriter
The lead singer is Shelly Fraley and she formed the band with a group of friends before they disbanded after the passing of her father and the strong feeling she had to go solo.
Luckily they released an album labeled, "Gravity" before the disbanding.
Free Downloads
Lead Me Out

Hope you enjoy Adora Rising!

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