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Bottle of Bad Ideas by Mark Tyler
Mark Tyler is a musician who's musical style is one that should be recognized. This track is one of my favorites and I highly recommend anyone who loves upbeat pop/rock music to check this out! 
Here's Bottle of Bad Ideas by Mark Tyler.
or the Acoustic Version.
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Chit Chat by Hannah Georgas*
This is a track that's perfect for starting something new. Starting a new day, starting a new chapter, a new relationship etc.
Basically, if you're about to embark on a new thing play Chit Chat. The track will capture you and heighten your senses of the feeling of morning (i.e. It's a morning song).
So go download it and check it out.
Here's Chit Chat by Hannah Georgas.
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ManyColors by SAWA

I found out about this Japanese artist from a friend of mine. At first I was a little turned away by her submersion to fantasy with her music and style but as soon as I listened to ManyColors, I was hooked onto the Sa-World.
~This artist is a hint of a couple AOTWs for the next couple of weeks. Hope you like Japanese pop, and shubiya-kei (sophisticated jpop)!~
Here's ManyColors by SAWA.
Rescue Song (RAC Remix) by Mr. Little Jeans
I just found out about this song tonight, even though it's been out since November. Shame, but that's ok. I really needed it for this season, instead of Winter season as everyone else was getting some Rescue Me, Rescue You in their systems. Anyways, this song is really beautiful and presentable. I'm going to use it for a Mix CD I am making for my friend. I think she'll like this.
Here's Rescue Song (RAC Remix) by Mr. Little Jeans

 TBTF by Kevin Drew
 This song is amazing, (Pretty much the only good song on this album). I love the catchy melody that if offered by the guitar, but the random sounds kind of throw off the feel. Oh well, still a good song.
Note: TBTF stands for Too Beautiful To Fuck.

Here's TBTF by Kevin Drew.

Justice - D.A.N.C.E. 
This song I did not find out about until I danced to it on Just Dance 2. ( I know, I'm late in the game, but give me a break I have a life now.) So, I've been really addicted to this song because of the kids singing and the catchy/clever lyrics and the subtle sense of infatuation in the high-pitched man's voice.
Trust me this song, just works.
Here's D.A.N.C.E. by Justice

Sunshine Anderson - Lie To Kick It
I love the feeling of this song and the soul of her voice takes it to a whole new level. The title alone is really what pulled me in.
Probably because I saw the ad for it when I was lied to by someone I've considered a close friend for about 2 months or so. I don't think that they know that I know they lied to me. 

Lie To Kick It by Sunshine Anderson

I hope you enjoy this soulful delight.

Miss La Bliss - Luxury of You 
This song is amazingly seductive and dance poppy, if you're restless or if you just want to do a slow seductive dance with your love (or yourself) check out this song!
Here's Luxury of You by Miss La Bliss.
[This song appeared on the JCPenney fashion commercial for Spring of 2010.]

KT Tunstall - (Still A) Weirdo & Fade Like A Shadow
I love KT Tunstall's music. It took me a while to find out that she's coming out with a new album called, Tiger Suit, so far I love the samples i heard from the album. Especially "(Still A) Weirdo" & "Fade Like A Shadow". So I looked for them and found her new music video for the album.
Anyways, I should probably stop babbling and give you the free songs now. Trust me they're amazing, and no, they're not "nature techno" what the fudge is nature techno?
~Still A Weirdo Music Video~
Here's Fade Like A Shadow & (Still A) Weirdo

Azure Ray - Don't Leave My Mind
Do I even need to explain why you should download this song? It's Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor together as Azure Ray after 6 years their coming out with a new album on Sept. 14th. Go pre-order one it's needed. :) 
Don't Leave My Mind by Azure Ray 
Macy Gray - Beauty In The World (Cutmore Remix)
I haven't heard from Macy Gray in so long, now she's out with this new amazing album titled, The Sellout and she has a great first single for it too, called, Beauty In The World. If only it was the 90's or early 00's we'd be hearing this song a lot on the radio but instead we'll be listening to repetitive club hits in the morning, afternoon, and night. That sucks, anyways, here's
Beauty In The World (Cutmore Remix) by Macy Gray

Here's the original Music Video and the Original Song for Download
Yuna - Decorate
This music video is so amazing. It's short but sweet. Everything said and done in less then a two minutes.
Here's Decorate by Yuna

 I really hope that you enjoy(ed) the music video as much as I did.
Far*East Movement - All About Me (feat. Mary Jane)

I love this song it's so poppy with a side of rap and a sound that probably a sample from an old song in the 70's or 40's. It's a really cool song to listen to in the middle of the day.
 If you like rap and being happy then you'll love this song.
All About Me by Far*East Movement
Christian TV - 1, 2, 3 Turnaround!
This song is really great to listen to for the beginning of school. It hypes up your day while the singer gives an attitude in the song only described as,
"I got this, you ain't cool like me." 

This song was featured on JCPenney's New Back To School Commercial for August 2010.
Here's 1, 2, 3 Turnaround by Christian TV

Clare Bowditch & the New Slang - Bigger Than The Money
I love the new songs from Clare Bowditch. Her songs are really catchy. Especially her song, Bigger Than The Money. Despite the Music Video being a little ehh...The song it self is really great. As soon as you get to the chorus you'll be singing along with her in a matter of seconds. It's that catchy!
Here's Bigger Than The Money by
Clare Bowditch & the New Slang

 Do As Infinity - 1/100
I really love Do As Infinity, nowadays. I don't understand what they're saying but I can feel what the general feeling is. With the help of the melodies and the vocal attitude with the great guitar.  One of their new singles, 1/100 is a second best to their, my personal favorite, Tao, great video, great song.
So Here's 1/100 by Do As Infinity

Goldfrapp's coming out with a new album. For me that's pretty fast. It seems like just last year they released, Seventh Tree. I didn't really like Goldfrapp that much before Seventh Tree. That album was really great to me. Well, their forthcoming album, Head First is a way more 80's pop than their previous albums.
Here's Rocket & Believer!

Goldfrapp - Believer from Myler Moss on Vimeo.

Goldfrapp - ROCKET - single cover & audio preview from Myler Moss on Vimeo.

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