Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ArtistoftheWeek:Clara C9/28/10-10/5/10

Clara C, an amazing singer-songwriter with the heart filled light and the mind filled with catchy pop songs for those sunny autumn days. This new artist has been making a breakthrough with her popular videos of her covering pop songs. Taking something like, Use Somebody and making it her own.She's been featured in many songs and has collaborated with many musicians all over America.
This artist has won 1st place for the Kollaboration for 2010.
She's recently graduated from College this year!Which is pretty impressive that she did all those videos and wrote all the songs while in College.She's worked with Wong Fu Productions for a couple of films.
She's been everywhere.
If this is your first time hearing about her from me. You've missed out!It's ok though, she just released her debut album, The Art In My Heart, last Friday so don't hesitate to order this amazing album.The CD has lyrics, photos, and of course the CD.
Plus if you're lucky you might get it signed!
Clara C is a great artist to have in your music collection.
Little Light

Album Preview

Offbeat Music Video

Free Downloads

Fool's Gold
Wait On Me
Wake Up In Neverland
Little Light (feat. Sam Ock)

~Support Clara & Buy Her Debut Album, The Art In My Heart!~

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ArtistoftheWeek:Azure Ray9/15/10-9/27/10

I love Azure Ray, their music is so addicting and very soothing. Especially on their first album, which set the musically fit that this band is. Indie folk/pop, with sounds of the countryside and calming feminine vocals to lull you to sleep.
Luckily Azure Ray switches it up a little bit, it's not all sadness or boredom on a sunny day.
Their lyrics, mostly targeted towards love and loss, are so carefully structured with the sounds and little metaphors in their melody is so attracting.
When I first heard an Azure Ray song I was blown away. The song that sold me to this group was Sleep. Pandora played the song to me and I loved it.
This group had been well recognized by the media and the public as a great folk duo. I swear if America loved Folk music right now, Azure Ray
would be #1 for more than a couple of weeks.
How can you not like two girls who can sing and write very felling.
I remember when I heard that Azure Ray broke up. I was devastated, mostly because I found out they broke up about a week or two after I fell in love with them and their music.
So while they were broken up I checked out more of their music (singles, EPs) and then Maria Taylor (the other part of Azure Ray, one on the left), so then I was pre-occupied with maria taylor's CD. I feel in love with her Ladyluck album and haven't thought of Azure Ray since.
This summer, I hear that Azure Ray is releasing a new album. I was so excited, and filled with glee that I couldn't keep my excitment. So I pre-ordered the album and I wanted to see their album's CD and lyric booklet. I love buying CD's it's exhilarous What was even better was that the CD came 2 weeks earlier with stickers and coasters!
Ok, well the album was over all great. The songs that stuck out to me are amazing. The songs that struck out me from the album are; "Don't Leave My Mind"
"Silver Sorrow"
"On And On Again"
"Make Your Heart"
& "Lonely Girls"
I have to say their recent album, is really insightful, in the beginning middle and until the end of the album. They've grown a lot since the last 6 years of making an album together.

Free Downloads
Selective Songs From Azure Ray (Album)

Selective Songs From Burn & Shiver

Selective Songs From Hold On Love

Selective Songs From Drawing Down The Moon

Official Website
~ I Hope You Enjoy Azure Ray~

Monday, September 13, 2010

Where's the ArtistoftheWeek today?

Well, I'm in the middle of designing it and getting it done, but I'm going to stop while I'm ahead because I need to do laundry and also I need some sleep. So, I'm posting the Artist tomorrow and the artist will be up for two weeks this time.
Trust me you'll love this artist.
See you later people.

P.S. in the meantime check out the Songs To Listen To Page and my Rucker Tumblr.
Yeah, I'm a tumblin' right now.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ArtistoftheWeek:Lucy Schwartz9/7/10-9/14/10

I love Lucy Schwartz, her songs have been featured on practically every song on TV today. Basically her style and melodies are upbeat pop sounds and catchy hooks. Even her song Gravity is catchy and upbeat and it's not even trying.
Her amazing talent has been recognized by many big music industries which landed her with some money and time to make more music for TV and Movies and release a couple EPs and an album, Life In Letters, which is releasing on September 26th! Can't wait to have it! I assure you Lucy's music will make you want to sing, love, and smile.

Free Downloads

Selective Songs From Winters In June
Selective Songs From Help Me! Help Me! EP
Selective Songs From Life In Letters
Little One
When We Were Young



~Hope you enjoy Lucy Schwartz!~

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