Saturday, January 23, 2010


Loquat is a band, that creates music that's perfect for the winter season. Releasing two albums they've received recognition for they're unique beats and good reviews for their powerful lyrics.
The first album of Loquat's, It's Yours To Keep, has a more focus on electronic beats mix with acoustic guitar. It's more slow moving and melancholic than their other releases. Featuring their Pandora hit, "Internal Crash", a concerning love song filled with piano and aching vocals. "Swingset Chain" and "Take It Back", a song about a couple in an argument. All in All, the album is really good for a slow, calm day in your life.

Their second album, Secrets of the Sea, has more of a rock base to the album.
Still keeping their signature sound of "folktronica" (acoustic guitar with electronic beats) mixed into their new sound they added more bass, drums, and electronic guitar to the new sound. Two of the songs are an Ode to the Movie, Big Fish. "Shaky Like The Flu" & "Spiral Stairs Or Escalators" are the two songs dedicated to the movie. "Shaky Like The Flu", at first listen doesn't sound like an ode to Big Fish but after a couple listens you'll hear it. There's another song called, "Comedown's Worse", which I think is about drugs but the band says that it's about, people dealing with short fuses. (I still think it might be about drugs.) But anyways, that's a pretty good rock/pop song too. All in All, the album would be perfect to listen to during the icy weather in Iowa.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Harmony To My Heartbeat by Sally Seltmann

I Love New Buffalo! I'm so glad to hear she's releasing a new album in April. She released her new single under her real name, Sally Seltmann.
She's going to release her new album, Heart That's Pounding under her real name too.
She's even made a music video for the single and released a B-side with it. I'm so proud of her. Being so productive and bright with her new music.
Sally Seltmann is one of my favorite artists. What she's done with her music is amazing. Her songs are of heavenly Indie Pop sounds, melodies, and lyrics.
Sally Seltmann (New Buffalo) for me she's an Artist of the Year for 2010. I'm going to be watching for this Artist this upcoming Spring! Man, I love Sally Seltmann. She's so great. Australian's Finest.

Here's Harmony To My Heartbeat by Sally Seltmann
& The B-Side You Deserve A Break.
I Hope You Enjoy Downloading the song while watching the Music Video.

Harmony to My Heartbeat from Sally Seltmann on Vimeo.

Also, Sally finally released her Recovery (by New Buffalo) Music Video.
I'm so proud of her.

New Buffalo - Recovery from Sally Seltmann on Vimeo.

If You Liked The Song Here's Recovery.
I'm so happy, I'm feeling generous right now! I think I might go give a crackhead 100$!
Thank You So Much Arts & Crafts For Taking This great Artist Under Your Wing.

Ten Resolutions For 2010!

My New Year's Resolutions.........
1. Lose Weight
2. Finish Writing My Books
3. Be More Honest
4. Listen To More Male Artists
5. Save Money
6. Find A Place For My Cat To Stay In While In College
7. Drive More
8. Eat Healthier
9. Work Hard
10. To Always Stay One Step Ahead

So much to do, so much to say. Another year I'll have to finish in some other way.
[I'm in a kind of rhyming mood right now.]


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