Monday, October 24, 2011


Amerie is an act that people would like to describe as a, "One-hit wonder". With her song, 1 Thing, she swept over the urban music industry with her sass, passion, drive, and with a little help with Eve, she had a one-hit that was used in commercials, movies, and television shows. But before her hit, she had a nice debut album out. Feauturing elements of neo-soul and 90's style R&B into the album, All I Have. Her first album was reviewed well by her target audience. People couldn't wait for her next album. When she came out with Touch, she really showed her true self through her Pop/R&B songs with some elements of Asian pop into her songs (because of her cultural background and personal experience with Korea, she's heard and listened to music from Korea and Japan growing up). After her hit she had a spat with her record label and was drop. Forced to find another label, that released her third album everywhere except for North America. Years later she was able to find a new label that would take her catchy Pop/R&B styles and help her release her fourth album, In Love & War.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Martin Solveig10/17/11-10/24/11

You may know this DJ best from the song Hello (ft. Dragonette). His work has been building up for making a great song like that. Looking back to his music works he's been long overdue for one of his songs to hit into the American Radio Waves. He recieved a pair of turntables when he was a kid and has been fooling around with the sounds since. Making new and more innovative music for his fans and goofing around a bit with the beats.
With his most recent album, SMASH, he brings in the elements of commercial pop elements and puts them into the style of his music. With songs like, "We Came To Smash", and "Ready To Go" which features sounds of dubstep a growing trend in the music industry.
Solveig's album might not be a hot topic to most, but I'm sure that one day he will get to the top of the charts in the future the way he's going!
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


How can I explain Uffie? Well...She parties harder than Ke$ha that's for sure! Who knew that the underground party scenes were so much better than the commercial party scenes? (The french). Anyways, this French-American musician rocks out her rapping skills and makes her beats flow as she gives out her autobiographical lines to her audience. Since the release of her single, "Difficult", critics and new fans have been taking her seriously, with her work and talent. I highly recommend you that if you want to start your party with Uffie right, check out her song, "Difficult". She'll have you hooked to her style of partying in no time.You should check her out, and if you're hosting a party soon, don't forget to invite the
<-U-F-F-I that gets better with a big E!
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Monday, October 3, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Eve & the Ocean10/3/11-10/10/11

Eve and the Ocean, is a side project made by Tia Brazda. This project/ artist is well known for her song, Sammy Decter (This Is Your Life) which featured on the ABC Family movie, Cyberbully. She This Canadian Singer/Songwriter's side project released an EP called Stars and Storms. The EP is filled with songs of pure pop and rock elements and lyrics directed to a general audience (most likely females in need of love). Yet, there's a certain thing about the songs that makes them so universal. You should check them out, and listen to them yourself, it's too hard to describe. I'm sure that if you've been liking the artists on ArtistoftheWeek, you'll love Eve And The Ocean. She's a treat. (Despite the picture right next to this..)
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