Monday, February 28, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Lelia Broussard2/28/11-3/7/11

Lelia Broussard is an awesome artist! Why? Because she's got a catchy beat with her melodies, she's got a style that she expresses through her music, and her photo shoots are pretty interesting as well. This beautiful singer/songwriter has gotten around in the music industry, especially in the indie pop department. (You know what I love about Indie Pop Singer/Songwriters, they all become friends with musicians I love.) So I guess you could say that she's had a good time going around promoting her sound and style to the States.
She's recently been selected to be mentored by Russel Simmons, hopefully that will not change her but at least improve her musical talents (and hopefully her popularity!).
I can't wait to her more from this talented gem!
Free Downloads

Shoot For The Moon

Official Website

I hope you enjoy Lelia Broussard while the Spring Comes!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Muhsinah is an amazing female musician/producer. She samples and experiments with many sounds and records the vocals with the melody. Her style is one of admiration. The song that made her a hit in the music industry is, "Construction", a song that, I personally think is about, Racism and how black people in America can change their outcome of their lives by rebuilding and constructing their own Identity. Then again, this song is probably just about love and nothing else but it's great that you could listen to a song that can be so impactful to many listeners.
If you haven't heard of this musician, it's ok, she's not promoted as much as other artists but trust me with her talent she should be.
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Construction [Radio Edit]

I hope you enjoy Muhsinah! She's a great artist for a music lover's collection.

Monday, February 14, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Marsha Ambrosius2/14/11-2/21/11

Marsha Ambrosius has been in the music industry for years before as Floetry with Natalie Stewart (later Amanda Diva). She decided to go off solo after her time with Floetry. She works on her first album for about four and a half years and released her first single, "Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basketball Player)" and the song became a hit on the R&B/Soul stations.
She blew many American minds away with her vocals and her style of music. With her strong vocals and personal album, she has a lot going on with her along with her long experience with the music business. Marsha's style is a defined one, when you listen to her songs you'll hear the definite feeling she gives the listener through her songs. Ambrosius has a strong following of fans all over the world, so if she doesn't hit the high charts with her album in America, she's still have her fans. Her many, many fans.
Free Downloads
Late Nights & Early Mornings
Hope She Cheats On You (With A Basketball Player)
Chasing Clouds

Official Website

I Hope You Enjoy Marsha Ambrosius (With A Basketball Player)

Monday, February 7, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:V.V. Brown2/7/11-2/14/10

V.V. Brown has taken the style of modern classic soul and funk with her style of music. With her hit song, "Shark In The Water", receiving plays on the radio, featured on iTunes Single of the Week and was used in the promotion of Degrassi. She was also featured in an Episode of the World of Jenks. Episode 110. (Episode Down Below) Brown has a style of music that is a mix of the Noisettes and Janelle Monae.
Her vocals are so strong and are showcased greatly in songs like, "Quick Fix", "Everybody", and "Game Over". VV Brown may not fit/ do what all the other African-American women do in the music business but for her..Being herself and expressing yourself through your music, identifying herself through her songs....
Trust me it works.
Free Downloads
Quick Fix
Game Over
Shark In The Water

Official website

V.V. Brown, making her journey in America a good one.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Angel Taylor2/1/11-2/7/11

If you haven't heard of Angel Taylor then you should check her out. Taylor has a style of music that's so catchy and comfortable. It's the kind of music you would listen to while walking around the town while the spring air fills your lungs with sunshine and joy. But you're stuck in the cold for the moment so, just imagine doing that in a month or so later.
She may be an African-American musician but she stays true to her style of music, her style of life through her songs. Her music is not R&B/Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop, or even Rap. It's pure general Pop music. Upbeat, catchy and mellow melodies and lyrics about love that really makes you feel like you're in a Cafe.
Here's some songs that really gives you that feel.
Free Downloads
Chai Tea Latte
Like U Do
Make Me Believe

All Lost At C

Official Website

Perfect Coffeehouse Music for the Masses.
Angel Taylor

ArtistoftheYear (2010)

#1 Gemma Hayes (22 Votes)
There is a reason why Gemma Hayes has won this title, despite the fact that the other artists were voted once or twice, Hayes has a talent to not only pull you into her music but to also make you feel something more than just the surface of a song. She intertwines emotional vocals, repetitive guitar sounds, beautiful lyrics all wrapped together into a stunning song. With songs like, "Let A Good Thing Go" & "Hanging Around", it's no shock that she became a hit in Ireland. With her second album, The Roads Don't Love You, it was her pop album but she didn't distance away from her true self, her true style. She made songs like, "Two Step", that has been featured on Grey's Anatomy and "Happy Sad". Here best songs from the album are, "Another for The Darkness" and "Horses". She took a break from music and then came back with another album filled with the ideas and styles of Gemma Hayes. The Hollow of Morning, focused on the themes of love, loss, loneliness, breaking up, and lingering. Her song, "Out Of Our Hands" became a radio hit in Ireland in 2008 and "Home" followed shortly after the album release with an amazing music video to go along with it. She then released the Oliver EP which was a darker and more mellow sound of Hayes work than the previous releases. Now she is planning on releasing a new album in May of 2011 and has written some songs for Abagail Breslin to sing in the movie Janie Jones.

Gemma Hayes is an amazing artist and the work she has done to get herself this far is astounding.

If you want to gush at Gemma Hayes some more then go to:
Gemma Hayes? Fuck Yeah! (Tumblr)

The Results for Best International Artist of 2010!

#1 Natalia Lafourcade (14 Votes)
#2 MiChi (13 Votes)
#3 Perfume (12 Votes)
#4 Julieta Venegas (9 Votes)
#5 Round Table feat. Nino (7 Votes)

The Results for Female Musician of 2010!

#1 Sky Ferreira (14 Votes)

#2 Olivia Broadfield (13 Votes)
#3 LIGHTS (10 Votes)
#4 Amanda Duncan (8 Votes)
#5 Corinne Bailey Rae (4 Votes)

The Results for Best Male Musician of 2010!

#1 B. Rieth (14 Votes)
#2 Ben Howard (13 Votes)
#3 Dunbfoundead (10 Votes)
#4 Brookville (8 Votes)
#5 Steve Kopandy (5 Votes)

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