Monday, June 18, 2012

ArtistoftheWeek:Kimbra 6/18/11-6/25/11

 Kimbra is an answer to many music lovers who are tired of the clubs, sex, money and promiscuity. Many people have heard of her from Gotye's hot chart topping single, "Somebody That I Used To Know". Where she sang a great female perspective of a hurtful break-up. Now she's singing about marriage. and love, and success and fitting in. She's singing about practically everything under the sun except club stuff.
Her debut album Vows is a great pop album that offers a different style to it than most modern day pop music. She provides amazing scatting and Jazz-elements in her tracks while writing lyrics that have been of course Kiwi-inspired (Kiwi is an Australian/New Zealand culture). Kimbra is showing herself in this album. After working so hard for the past 7 years of her life experimenting with different styles trying to figure out how to portray herself through her music has been an obstacle challenge but has paid of big time for her debut. She won an ARIA (Austalian Grammy) for her Vows album and has topped the Billboard charts for being at #13 in the first week of her Vows release in the US. Her album became the #1 iTunes Pop album and #2 iTunes album overall (right behind John Mayer but pfft on Mayer). As a fellow music lover who has watched a hard working artist build her way to the top is rewarding and Kimbra's journey has only just begun for her.
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P.S. If you want to know, the album is WORTH the money! You can get it for 9.99 from Target with extra bonus tracks! Her album also has a lyric booklet for just in case you like to sing-a-long with Kimbra you can when you by Vows physically from Best Buy, Target (best place to buy it) or Barnes & Nobel.

~Kimbra will not disappoint~

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