Monday, October 24, 2011


Amerie is an act that people would like to describe as a, "One-hit wonder". With her song, 1 Thing, she swept over the urban music industry with her sass, passion, drive, and with a little help with Eve, she had a one-hit that was used in commercials, movies, and television shows. But before her hit, she had a nice debut album out. Feauturing elements of neo-soul and 90's style R&B into the album, All I Have. Her first album was reviewed well by her target audience. People couldn't wait for her next album. When she came out with Touch, she really showed her true self through her Pop/R&B songs with some elements of Asian pop into her songs (because of her cultural background and personal experience with Korea, she's heard and listened to music from Korea and Japan growing up). After her hit she had a spat with her record label and was drop. Forced to find another label, that released her third album everywhere except for North America. Years later she was able to find a new label that would take her catchy Pop/R&B styles and help her release her fourth album, In Love & War.
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Selective Songs From All I Have
Selective Songs From Touch
Selective Songs From Because I Love It
Selective Songs From In Love & War

Monday, October 17, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Martin Solveig10/17/11-10/24/11

You may know this DJ best from the song Hello (ft. Dragonette). His work has been building up for making a great song like that. Looking back to his music works he's been long overdue for one of his songs to hit into the American Radio Waves. He recieved a pair of turntables when he was a kid and has been fooling around with the sounds since. Making new and more innovative music for his fans and goofing around a bit with the beats.
With his most recent album, SMASH, he brings in the elements of commercial pop elements and puts them into the style of his music. With songs like, "We Came To Smash", and "Ready To Go" which features sounds of dubstep a growing trend in the music industry.
Solveig's album might not be a hot topic to most, but I'm sure that one day he will get to the top of the charts in the future the way he's going!
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Selective Songs From SMASH

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


How can I explain Uffie? Well...She parties harder than Ke$ha that's for sure! Who knew that the underground party scenes were so much better than the commercial party scenes? (The french). Anyways, this French-American musician rocks out her rapping skills and makes her beats flow as she gives out her autobiographical lines to her audience. Since the release of her single, "Difficult", critics and new fans have been taking her seriously, with her work and talent. I highly recommend you that if you want to start your party with Uffie right, check out her song, "Difficult". She'll have you hooked to her style of partying in no time.You should check her out, and if you're hosting a party soon, don't forget to invite the
<-U-F-F-I that gets better with a big E!
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Monday, October 3, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Eve & the Ocean10/3/11-10/10/11

Eve and the Ocean, is a side project made by Tia Brazda. This project/ artist is well known for her song, Sammy Decter (This Is Your Life) which featured on the ABC Family movie, Cyberbully. She This Canadian Singer/Songwriter's side project released an EP called Stars and Storms. The EP is filled with songs of pure pop and rock elements and lyrics directed to a general audience (most likely females in need of love). Yet, there's a certain thing about the songs that makes them so universal. You should check them out, and listen to them yourself, it's too hard to describe. I'm sure that if you've been liking the artists on ArtistoftheWeek, you'll love Eve And The Ocean. She's a treat. (Despite the picture right next to this..)
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Monday, September 26, 2011


Younha is an Asian Singer/Songwriter, best known for her song, Houki Boushi that featured on the hit Anime, Bleach. She has been singing and working with the Japanese/Korean Music Industry since the huge hit. Switching back and forth promoting her music, and singing in two different languages, for her fans.
Her music has been deemed as catchy, fun, and somewhat melancholic.
Nowadays, she has been releasing new music trying to step out of the box of her huge hit, and branch out to certain styles and genres of music she would like to do.
As much as Younha would like everyone to acknowledge her talents as she grows as a famous Korean musician, she would still like it if people just listen and enjoy the music.

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Houki Boushi
Memory (Original Mix)

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Stay (Lisa Loeb Cover)

Monday, September 19, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Skylar Grey[Pt. II]9/19/11-9/26/11

Holly Brook, has had a rough couple of years before she started to pave through the music industry as Skylar Grey.
She was so broke that she lived in the woods for a while. Yeah it was pretty bad.

Thankfully she was "rescued" by Alex da Kid, and they have both featured/co-wrote on big songs like, Love The Way You Lie, Coming Home, and many other popular hip-hop/rap songs. Now she is touring and working on promoting her next album, Invinsible (how it is supposed to be spelled) this Fall. Skylar Grey has said that her album is an emotionally eclectic collection of songs, from fun to sad to relaxing and to contemplative. She's going all out on this album. I'm sure that her debut will be a big one this year.
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Dance Without You
~I hope you guys enjoyed Holy Brook/Skylar Grey for ArtistoftheWeek(s)~

Monday, September 12, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Holly Brook[Pt. I]9/12/11-9/19/11

Holly Brook's musical style is perfect for rainy days. You may know her best from the song, Where'd You Go by Fort Minor, where she gained her popularity. She released her album, Like Blood Like Honey in 2006. The songs on the album really shows Holly's talent as a singer/songwriter. Even though her album achieved some success, album sales were not to the label's expectations. So she ended her relationship with her record label. Now Holly has changed her name and is now releasing a new album.
Selective Songs from Like Blood Like Honey
Selective Songs from O'Dark:Thirty EP

Monday, September 5, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Algebra Blessett9/5/11-9/12/11

Algebra has been growing musically as an artist since she was discovered by Kedar in 2006. Her style is a neo-soul feel with some modern R&B thrown in the mix of her songs. Lyrically she's amazing, her songwriting is strongest in her song, "I Know," a song she made and only released through the Girlfriends Soundtrack. Her song, "Run & Hide," became a free download on iTunes a couple years ago. This gave her a way to show her soulful talents to everyone, from
people who don't like soul, to people who love soul,even to people who hire musicians to make soulful music. That popularity helped her get more gigs and helped her to start touring. She's been growing in the R&B music business in popularity. She has recently been featured in a new song by Anthony David called, 4evermore.
If you have an all black radio station in your town, and you listen to it daily you've heard the song play at least ten times a day.
Here's some free downloads for ya.
Selective Songs From Purpose
I Know
4evermore (ft. Algebra)

Algebra is a talented R&B Artist, she needs more Radio play.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I found out about Heypenny from a random site when I was trying to watch a tv show online, their song, Cop Car was playing on an ad. I checked them out and when I found out about their music I automatically loved it and bought everything. Their music is so catchy and yet so indie at the same time. The melodies and the vocals are a kind of style that's for the indie music scene. They formed in Fayette, making music since 2003, releasing their first album, Use These Spoons in 2005. They released their second album in February 2011, and have recieved some recognition for the songs, "Parade" and "Cop Car".
Nonetheless the songs of this band is amazing and you should check them out.
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Selective Songs From Use These Spoons
Selective Songs From A Jillion Kicks

Monday, August 22, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Vanessa Carlton8/22/11-8/29/11

Vanessa Carlton has been a favorite of mine since her hit, "A Thousand Miles" in 2002. Her music has hit me ever since. Through the years fans have noticed that she has grown into her own identity as a singer/songwriter. Moving from A&R records, and releasing her albums at a good regular speed, once every three years. She's been showing off her creative styles in her third album, Heroes and Thieves and have really stepped away from the piano and into the folk sounds into her recent album, Rabbits On the Run.
Vanessa Carlton may have been known for her hit, but since then she has grown out of that song into a brand new world of music. You can see how she abandons the song in the beginning of the music video, "Nolita Fairytale". Her recent single, "Carousel", still keeps the sound of Carlton, with a twist of a new sound. Reminiscent of adventure and folklore, in the song. Carousel is kind of a sampler of what is in the album, Rabbits On The Run.
Looking at all that Carlton has done with her music and in life, I see this woman becoming a cult-classic musician.
Winning a certain audience of people with her music now, until the day she retires. She has gotten what she wanted, loyal and devoted fans.
Vanessa Carlton is a musician beyond her one-hit, beyond her record label. She is a true singer/songwriter that is becoming more of herself every single day.

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Selective Songs From Be Not Nobody
Selective Songs From Harmonium
Selective Songs From Heroes & Thieves
Selective Songs From Rabbits On The Run

Monday, August 15, 2011


Gomez is an English indie rock band, best know for their album, How We Operate and being covered on Grey's Anatomy. They have been featured on many television shows in the past three years since their most famous song, "How We Operate," came over to the US. They're albums have been recognized for critical acclaim and indie fans all over the earth. Hitting the indie scene with their song, "Notice," that song that gives everyone that feeling they had when someone they liked didn't notice them. As for their sound it has a hint of Americana in it. So songs sound a little country, with a twang and a fiddle in the background. Aside from all of this, Gomez is a great band and you should check them out. Especially when school's coming around.
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Selective Songs From How We Operate
Selective Songs From A New Tide

Monday, August 8, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Hannah Georgas8/8/11-8/15/11

Hannah Georgas is a Canadian singer/songwriter with a constant drive for music. If it's either listening to all sorts of music to writing all kinds of music, this artist has a varied sense of musical love. (I think that Georgas might have a case of "Pop ears," loving any type of music as long as it has catchy hook/relatable lyrics). This musician is so cool and outgoing, especially in her music.
From her debut release, The Beat Stuff EP, there are songs that are personal and at times a little funny. The first song, "The Beat Stuff," is a way to express her reason of why she chose music to do and to become a music. The addiction and need for music in her life gave her to motivation to do it. Which is a really impressive step into her career. Another song called, "Mama's Boy", is a lyrically comedic song about her break up from a pathetic jerk.
Her debut album, This Is Good, starts off with a great song for the morning called, "Chit Chat". This song is perfect to listen to for going back to school. The end of summer is coming so have this song on to help to ease into the start of that droning year of school. Another song for those droning school days is, "Bang Bang You're Dead," this song is perfect for if someone is talking bad about you. It's all said in the lyrics, how it's done, the song makes you just want to laugh about it all.All in All, Hannah Georgas is a great musician to have for your music collection, especially if you love artists like, Alanis Morrissette, Jenny Owen Youngs Lelia Broussard, and any other female singer/songwriter out there.
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Selective Songs From The Beat Stuff EP
Selective Songs From This Is Good

Monday, August 1, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:EMI MARIA8/1/11-8/8/11

EMI Maria, is like a breath of fresh air when you're a little tired of Japanese pop and you want some R&B. This musician has an outstanding style of soul. Mixing her style with the Japanese language, keeping the music fresh one album at a time. The music is so similar yet so varied that it makes you wonder, why would I ever want to check out any other JR&B artist? From EMI Maria's, "Mr. Alien," to "Focus On Me," her songs are so catchy and seductive, making your body sway back and forth with the beat while still having a bounce in your step.
If you haven't heard of her you need to check her out, she's a talent you shouldn't miss.
Selective Songs From A Ballad On My Own
Selective Songs From Crossover EP
Selective Songs From Contrast
Selective Songs From Blue Bird

Monday, July 25, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:DJ Deckstream7/25/11-8/1/11

I found out about DJ Deckstream from this blog from tumblr called,Throwback Songs. I looked into more of this musician and found out that he's a producer and all of his songs are filled with artists from Japan or California, showing off their musical talents on Deckstream's beats. when put together the music is amazing. His style of music is really inspired by throwback songs of hip hop and R&B. It's a pretty cool listen and the albums feature a lot of famous Hip Hop/R&B musicians like, T-Boz (TLC), Verbal (M-Flo) and Lupe Fiasco.
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Selective Songs From Soundtracks
Selective Songs From Soundtracks 1.5
Selective Songs From Soundtracks 2

Monday, July 18, 2011


A friend of mine showed me this artist. The song she introduced me was Stars. It was ok, but I looked around the net for some other songs of SAWA. I then stumbled upon the music video for ManyColors. I listened to the song and immediately loved the beat. When SAWA started singing and the lyrics were as great as the song. After that song, I just had to get more of SAWA's music. So I got her album, Welcome To Sa-World, and the style of music was a little different for my taste but all in all, the album was good. Listening to the album, you can really feel like you're exploring "Sa-World". From beginning to end the songs on the album, were as entertaining as they were catchy.
The two non-single songs that were on the album, that really made an impression on me were, Throw Him Away and Friday Night.
Throw Him Away, has a feeling of a sunny
summer day of fun. The song sounds like it has elements of shibuya-kei with a bit ofdisco influences. Putting those two styles together brings out a cute and catchy song to listen to while doing day-to-day responsibilities. Friday Night, is a great title for this song. There's elements of R&B mixing with elements of disco pop in the song. A perfect song for going out. Riding in the car with your friends, bobbing your hands to this song. (If you live in Japan.) There were other songs that I liked from SAWA outside of her debut album.
From her debut mini album, COLORS, her song, Yellow, is such a catchy, upbeat, and relaxing song to listen to during lazy summer days.
The other songs are from her second mini album, Time &Space, three songs that really
left an impression for me were, Discovery, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Are You Ready For Love? The song, Discovery, is a track that really gives you the feeling that you're going through space and time, in a spaceship, soaring around the galaxy, feeling cool. The next track, Metropolitan Museum of Art, has a strong melodic beginning, giving the listener an intrigued feeling of what's gonna come of this song. SAWA starts to sing on the song and then you hear the chorus and automatically you're hooked. Are You Ready For Love is an Elton John cover, that is well done by SAWA. (I'm not much of an Elton fan, but I'd give him a chance after hearing this cover.)
Selective Songs From COLORS
Selective Songs From TIME&SPACE
Selective Songs From I Can Fly
Selective Songs From Welcome To Sa-World

I hope you enjoy the sounds of SAWA during the days of Summer!

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