Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ArtistoftheWeek:Becca Johnson8/31/10-9/7/10

I love this artist, even though she's not officially a musician yet. But, she released her songs on the now defunct quarterlife.com and they were amazing! Her songs are so perfect for a road trip to your college. basically a fall road trip in general. Now this picture, I don't really know for sure if this is her picture but it's the only one I could find of her. So..Yeah...
One day she gave me the songs for free through the email! And she will always be my favorite artist for that! If she ever releases an album, I'm buying it!

Becca, thank you so much for your songs they really did help me ease into my move from home to College. I will cherish your songs until the day I die.

- CCR (aka AOTW)
P.S. If you want me to take these songs off of the site I will as soon as I can just contact me. Love to hear how you've been.

Ok guys here's free songs from Becca Johnson that will make you love her as much as I do right now! Enjoy!

Free Downloads of Becca Johnson's Songs

-She's an amazing Indie Folk/Pop Singer-Songwriter You'll Love Her-

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

ArtistoftheWeek:Round Table feat. Nino8/24/10-8/31/10

I love ROUND TABLE feat. Nino! They're like the Japanese Version of Ivy! They rock. Sadly they don't get a lot of recognition for their music but trust me if you like Bossa Nova or just calming pop music you'll love this group.
I found out about this band from an anime show (of course..) And I loved their song called, "Let Me Be With You (New Step Mix)" it was on Chobits. I knew about their song and bought both of the Chobits Soundtracks for that song. A few years later I find out about another Anime Series that caught my eye, called, Welcome To The NHK, and their song, Puzzle ~Extra Hot Mix~ was it's theme song.
I loved it so much that I looked for more of their songs and was opened to a whole collection of beautiful songs from them. ROUND TABLE feat. Nino is the best.
I really like that they actually take their time with their music and release a new album every 2-3 years instead of every 10 months like the really popular Japanese artists. Now that's crazy!
ROUND TABLE's style is a cool one and a unique sound indeed. I still kind of see them as the brighter more lovable side and Japanese side of Ivy. But Ivy wouldn't be able to do their music and vice versa it's like Ivy and ROUND TABLE are the same but they're not.
Anyways, this is the last artist for the Summer of 2010. Hope you listen to these songs and think back to the great times you had in the summer and the bad times and the moderate times. All the times of your wonderful summer! :)
Music For A Memorable Summer!
Selective Songs From April
Selective Songs From Nino
Selective Songs From Distance
Promo Videos for Distance

Koi Wo Shiteru|Nagareboshi
Official Website

~I Hope You Enjoy ROUND TABLE feat. Nino!~

Friday, August 13, 2010


I've been finding out about a lot of amazing artists recently, especially from the West Coast. I was happy to find out about this Rapper from youtube. I first heard of his song Clouds which I really liked. Personally his style of rapping to me is different than most rappers you hear nowadays. It's kind of hard to find true hip hop in music in 2010 but the internet helps (Ok no it doesn't).
My favorite songs from Dumbfoundead is Pushin' & Up In The Air.
His style is not so hard that it's scary like what some rappers do, but not so soft that it's "Hip Pop" it's just that kind of style in the middle that I like. I rarely see that in rappers. Ones that can do it, are really cool in my eyes.
Free Downloads
Clouds (feat. Jay Park & Clara C)
Up In The Air (feat. Clara C)
Different Galaxies ft. Sam Ock
She Don't Care ft. Intuition & Nocando (Paris, Tokyo Remix)

I Need A Dollar (Remix)
Peter Pan Complex (Lily Allen Remix)
Music Videos
Different Galaxies|Clouds
You can find more music videos on Dumbfoundead's Youtube Page
Official Website
-Hope You Enjoy DFD-

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I always loved the melodies and sounds of Ivy, and I didn't really find out about Brookville until I watched Great Mistake.

I checked out his third release, Broken Lights and I loved the album. I then listened to the rest of his songs on his last two albums and I was automatically hooked.
His melodies are mellow and mostly likely elevator music but you have to admit that would be some great music to listen to in the elevator.
His first album, Wonderfully Nothing, was more electronic, and relaxing. It's a great elevator music album. Then again, I love music that's for elevators.
His second album, Life In The Shade, was a more structured and more lyrical album than the first.
His third and most recent album, Broken Lights, is a very blue album. The artwork really fits the feel of the album. The album includes more guitars and is way more lyrical than the last two albums. I have to say my favorite album right now is, Broken Lights. A great album for a blue day or on days when the sun doesn't come out on a summer day.
Free Downloads
Selected Songs from Wonderfully Nothing
Selected Songs from Life In The Shade
Selected Songs from Broken Lights
Music Videos
Nothing's Meant To Last| Great Mistake
Andy Chase's Website
-Hope you enjoy the music of Brookville-

Monday, August 2, 2010

ArtistoftheWeek:Clare Bowditch8/2/10-8/9/10

I remember the day I found out about Clare Bowditch, it was 2007, and I was listening to New Buffalo Radio on Pandora.com. The first song that played was On This Side. I loved that song so much I couldn't wait for it to come on the radio again. I'd sometimes refresh the page so it'd put it on again. (Nowadays you can't do that with Pandora anymore.)
I then discovered a lot more songs from her and I fell in love with her album, What Was Left and The Moon Looked On. Now she has a new album coming out on August 13, 2010. I love the songs that are on the new album. (At least the one I heard) But knowing Clare and her songwriting, she's kicked this one out of the park!
If you like Australian Pop Music, and last week's AOTW then you'll love Clare Bowditch!
Free Downloads
Selected Songs from What Was Left
Selected Songs from The Moon Looked On
Selected Songs from Modern Day Addiction
Music Videos
I Thought You Were God|On This Side
Divorcee by 23|You Looked So Good
Your Other Hand|When The Lights Were Down
Start Of War|Bigger Than The Money

Official Website

There are a few of her songs I'd like to call favorites.
For Good Times....
On This Side|Bigger Than The Money
Modern Day Addiction

For Thoughtful Times...
Divorcee by 23| Start of War
For Personal Times...
This Bastard Disease|The Thing About Grief
Winding Up

Right now my favorite songs of her's are, This Bastard Disease & Winding Up. This Bastard Disease fits emotionally and lyrically and I love that, while Winding Up fits melodically and it's so catchy.

~Hope You'll Enjoy Clare Bowditch!~

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