Monday, September 26, 2011


Younha is an Asian Singer/Songwriter, best known for her song, Houki Boushi that featured on the hit Anime, Bleach. She has been singing and working with the Japanese/Korean Music Industry since the huge hit. Switching back and forth promoting her music, and singing in two different languages, for her fans.
Her music has been deemed as catchy, fun, and somewhat melancholic.
Nowadays, she has been releasing new music trying to step out of the box of her huge hit, and branch out to certain styles and genres of music she would like to do.
As much as Younha would like everyone to acknowledge her talents as she grows as a famous Korean musician, she would still like it if people just listen and enjoy the music.

Free Downloads
Houki Boushi
Memory (Original Mix)

Selective Songs From Under The Same Sky
Stay (Lisa Loeb Cover)

Monday, September 19, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Skylar Grey[Pt. II]9/19/11-9/26/11

Holly Brook, has had a rough couple of years before she started to pave through the music industry as Skylar Grey.
She was so broke that she lived in the woods for a while. Yeah it was pretty bad.

Thankfully she was "rescued" by Alex da Kid, and they have both featured/co-wrote on big songs like, Love The Way You Lie, Coming Home, and many other popular hip-hop/rap songs. Now she is touring and working on promoting her next album, Invinsible (how it is supposed to be spelled) this Fall. Skylar Grey has said that her album is an emotionally eclectic collection of songs, from fun to sad to relaxing and to contemplative. She's going all out on this album. I'm sure that her debut will be a big one this year.
Free Downloads
Dance Without You
~I hope you guys enjoyed Holy Brook/Skylar Grey for ArtistoftheWeek(s)~

Monday, September 12, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Holly Brook[Pt. I]9/12/11-9/19/11

Holly Brook's musical style is perfect for rainy days. You may know her best from the song, Where'd You Go by Fort Minor, where she gained her popularity. She released her album, Like Blood Like Honey in 2006. The songs on the album really shows Holly's talent as a singer/songwriter. Even though her album achieved some success, album sales were not to the label's expectations. So she ended her relationship with her record label. Now Holly has changed her name and is now releasing a new album.
Selective Songs from Like Blood Like Honey
Selective Songs from O'Dark:Thirty EP

Monday, September 5, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Algebra Blessett9/5/11-9/12/11

Algebra has been growing musically as an artist since she was discovered by Kedar in 2006. Her style is a neo-soul feel with some modern R&B thrown in the mix of her songs. Lyrically she's amazing, her songwriting is strongest in her song, "I Know," a song she made and only released through the Girlfriends Soundtrack. Her song, "Run & Hide," became a free download on iTunes a couple years ago. This gave her a way to show her soulful talents to everyone, from
people who don't like soul, to people who love soul,even to people who hire musicians to make soulful music. That popularity helped her get more gigs and helped her to start touring. She's been growing in the R&B music business in popularity. She has recently been featured in a new song by Anthony David called, 4evermore.
If you have an all black radio station in your town, and you listen to it daily you've heard the song play at least ten times a day.
Here's some free downloads for ya.
Selective Songs From Purpose
I Know
4evermore (ft. Algebra)

Algebra is a talented R&B Artist, she needs more Radio play.

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