Friday, November 19, 2010

ArtistoftheWeek:Emily Hearn11/23/10-11/30/10

Emily Hearn's music has really touched people's hearts with her songs. She released an EP in 2009 called, Paper Hearts. She started a project on Kickstarter, a way for her fans to fund her debut album that is expected to release sometime either in fall 2011 or Spring 2012.
I found out about Emily when I was exploring Kickstarter and saw all of the amazing artists on the website. When I found out about her when I clicked on her I watched the video and the song that played. I thought that she was pretty good so I looked her up saw her site which was pretty cool and listened to her EP.
If you liked Clara C, then you'll love Emily Hearn!
Free Downloads
Two Feet On The Ground
Paper Heart

Official Website

I hope you like Emily Hearn!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ArtistoftheWeek:Amanda Duncan11/16/10-11/23/10

Amanda Duncan is cool, fun, and awesome! I found out about this artist when she started following me on twitter. At first I was thinking, who's this and then I checked her out and I was thinking, "Oh wow, I should check this girl out some more." So I listen to some more of her songs and I liked what I heard. Then I heard that she was coming to my College and I was excited about this!
On Nov. 13th she came and sang cool songs to me and my college friends and we enjoyed the laughs, talks, and sing-alongs with her. I bought her EP and some buttons, I would've bought a shirt too but they were only girl sizes. So I talked to her and we had a good time.
I even gave her a mix CD (or 2) to enjoy on her time on the road.
I then listened to her EP the day after and I loved it.
One of my favorite songs is, The Words That I Say. It reminds me of the country pop music I listened to when I was little and the tone of her voice in the song reminds me of Natalie Maines.
If you don't know about Amanda you should check her out!

Free Downloads
Love I Have For You
Words That I Say
Fall Into You

Official Website
Hope you love this cool Singer/Songwriter!
P.S. Go buy her EP, it's only 5$ and you get 6 songs from it. It's not hard and it's really cheap too. Take that one day off from the 5$ footlong dinner and spend it on Music!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

ArtistoftheWeek:Jilian Linklater11/9/10-11/16/10

I just found out about this artist through and I gave her a listen. Her music is amazing, and the quality of her songs for the first ones to make for purchase was pretty good.
She's a really fresh artist, and if you're the kind of person that want to find out about new artists you should check her out!

Free Downloads
The Penguin Song
Summer Sun

You should check out her EP at Bandcamp!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Lights is amazing. At first she had some hard times making a great chorus for her songs because she was so focused on her vocal strength but now she's exploding through the industry with her style, melodies, feeling and voice.
You should check Lights out.
It's a Must!
Her music is perfect for the Autumn and Winter seasons.
Free Downloads
February Air
The Last Thing On Your Mind

Drive My Soul
Up Up And Away
My Boots*

Official Website
Fun Fact #1: February Air, The Last Thing On Your Mind & Drive My Soul have all been on an Old Navy commercial for 2007.
Fun Fact #2: My Boots is my favorite song of her's. It's also climbing up the charts for dance/pop music for iTunes.

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