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ArtistoftheWeek:Janelle Monae4/25/10-5/2/10

I love Janelle Monae....Well, I really loved her style of music on the unreleased album, "The Audition". The first track called, "The Intro", I really liked, it was like I was hearing her thoughts going through her mind before an audition. Really cool! Then the real Opening Track, "Lettin' Go", really great to listen to when you're out on the town. After that track comes, "Party Girl", the sounds really take you back to the times of the Supremes really interesting.
After that song the rest kind of craft the cybergirl story. Like, Metropolis, Cindi, It's Not Fair, Time Will Reveal, The Chase etc...
Basically all the songs craft the story. The Audition is by far, my most favorite album of hers.
Free Downloads
Thoughts(Intro)|Lettin' Go|Party Girl|Metropolis|Cindi
It's Not Fair|My Favorite Nothing|Cloud 9|Star|The Chase
I Won't Let Go (Instrumental)

Next her hit to fame, Metropolis: The Chase Suite I EP. I liked the songs, Voilet Stars Happy Hunting!, Many Moons, Sincerely Jane,
& VSHH! (CyberHop Mix), the rest of the songs were explaining the story or were offset of the feeling of the EP to me.
I do love this EP because it showed people how talented Janelle Monae is. With her original style and the distinct vocals.
After the release of the EP, everybody(well, all the critics) talked about her and her amazing vocal arrangement, catchy melodies, old fashioned vocal harmony, and so many other great talents she showcased on her EP.
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Violent Stars Happy Hunting!(ft. the Skunks)
Many Moons
Sincerely Jane
Violent Stars Happy Hunting! (CyberHop Mix)

Her most recent release, The ArchAndroid: Suites II & III, has proved a lot of hidden talent from Monae. A lot of talent that she didn't really show in her previous releases.
My favorite song from the album is, "Tightrope", also I've heard a remix of Tightrope that featured Lupe Fiasco, and B.o.B. Gotta love Janelle Monae.
Free Downloads
Dance Or Die|Faster|Locked Inside|Cold War|Tightrope
Come Alive (The War of the Roses)|Wondaland
Tightrope(Wondamix) [feat. B.o.B. & Lupe Fiasco]
I have to say that Janelle Monae puts a smile on my face. She and many other African American artists are breaking the barrier of "Black Music". Exploring the genres and tapping into their own unique souls to make great original music for the world.


Official Website
Many Moons Music Video

Tightrope Music Video

Saturday, April 17, 2010

ArtistoftheWeek:Gemma Hayes 4/17/10-4/24/10

I love Gemma Hayes, I remember the first time I heard her when she played on Grey's Anatomy with her song, "Two Step". Great song. I didn't really cheeck out the artist until about Mid-March this year. 4 years after I heard her singing on Grey's.
I had her second album, The Roads Don't Love You, and I finally listened through the whole album (w/o multitasking) and I found my second favorite song of all time, called, "Another for the Darkness". The melody, vocals, and lyrics, all wrapped up into a great song. After listening to the song I looked for more songs from this wonderful artist. The songs on The Roads Don't Love You, reminded me of grieving and getting over a death of a loved one.
Free Downloads
Two Step
Another For The Darkness
Happy Sad|Easy On The Eye
Keep Me Here|Undercover|Nothing Can
Something In My Way|Horses

Her debut album, Night On My Side, really took my breath away. Especially when I saw the music videos for, "Let A Good Thing Go", "Hanging Around", and "Back Of Your Hand". I really liked the feeling of the album, it's like the feeling of a calm night out on the town. The streetlights and the fast cars fly by while you're calming contemplating about your life.
Free Downloads
Let A Good Thing Go
Hanging Around|Back Of My Hand
Work To A Calm

Her most recent album, "The Hollow Of Morning", is an acoustically melancholic album filled with songs for that empty feeling in the morning hence the title, it's a pretty good for that feeling for the early morning out in the wild with your RV and a can of beans.
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Out Of Our Hands
Home|At Constant Speed|

Her most recent release the "Oliver EP", has some really good calm relaxing songs on it. Like the title track Oliver & Ghost.
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Now, I can't do this article without talking about her B-Sides and Collaborations.
"Summers In Doubt", the B-Side on the Let A Good Thing Go single, is such an amazing song to begin or end of your summertime fun or drama. Whichever way it's great for the season.
Gemma Hayes collaborated with Anti Atlas for a song called, "It's A Shame", a really well done song by an electronic band I've never heard of before and an artist that I've already heard of.
Free Downloads
Summers In Doubt
It's A Shame [m4a file]

-Gemma Hayes' Music Videos-

~Gotta Love Gemma Hayes~

~Gotta Love Gemma Hayes~

Friday, April 9, 2010

ArtistoftheWeek: Olivia Broadfield 4/9/10-4/16/10

I remember finding out about this artist on Nocturnal State on VH1, it was 3 in the morning and I was finishing up a project and her music video, "Silence" came on.
Silence by Olivia Broadfield

The sound attracted me to look up at the TV then the music video how it was done was really cool to me. Then she started singing.
I was blown away by how great her voice was. After listening to the song it reminded me of the time I found out about Imogen Heap with the video, "Goodnight & Go" at 3 in the morning in 2005.
[I stay up late a lot.]
So, luckily it was 2008 and I had great internet at the time to look her up. I found out more about her and her songs on the album, "Eyes Wide Open" and I ended up buying the album.
I knew I was going to love the album when I saw that Silence was the first track on the album, the song that pulls you into the this wonderful collection of late night love songs. But, wait! That's not all the album is about. Songs like, "The Weight" and "Crashing Down" are a little too upbeat to beat part of the late-night chill session this album portrays. Despite that, I really love this album.
With songs like, "Fool Today", "Indescribable" and "Silence", who wouldn't like the album?
Especially with a cool/strange music videos for the songs!
Don't Cry by Olivia Broadfield

Despite the feeling of the debut album, I love the demos, b-sides, and non-album tracks she makes. They're so good! Songs like, Probably Nothing[Video] & Fool Inside[Listen Only!] are catchy and great listen to late at night.

Along with some new songs this year for her upcoming 2nd album!
The new songs are, "Miss Me[Video]", "The Way That I'm Feeling[listen]", and "Old Friend[Video]". I can't wait for the next album. If it's a Sophmore Jump than a Sophmore Slump then I'm totally buying that album too.

I love listening to Olivia because her music and style kind of makes me think of Imogen Heap but the styles are not the same. Olivia is kind of like the daughter of Imogen Heap (musically).

I'm so glad that Olivia Broadfield is getting recognition in the US. I just wish that most of the TV Shows she plays on weren't crappy Mtv or CW shows. She's so much better than the shows she plays on.
Free Downloads
Probably Nothing

The Weight
Crashing Down
Fool Today
Just Pretending
& The Way I'm Feeling
Music Videos
Miss Me [Live]

I see this girl going far in the music business either in popularity or in recognition.

~Gotta Love Olivia Broadfield~

Thursday, April 1, 2010

ArtistoftheWeek: Gregory & the Hawk 4/1/10-4/8/10

I love Gregory & the Hawk (Meredith Godreau). She's such a great Singer/Songwriter that it'd just be rude not to mention her at least once on the ArtistoftheWeek blog.
Her songs like,
Grey Weather
& Fin Song 8 (Orange River Remix)
are really great compared to most songs I hear nowadays on the radio. Despite the melody and the feeling being "too calm" the lyrics, vocals, and explorative melodies make up for that.
I found out about Gregory & the Hawk by in 2006. (back when it was more about eclectic music instead of commercials and repeating semi-popular songs all day) The song it played to me all the time by her was, A Wish.

I loved the song so much I wanted to find out more about this artist but I lost track of time until about 2008 when I finally looked her up and found even more songs that I love from her first started with the Boats & Birds EP. At first I kind of glanced over the EP and tossed it aside for a day or two. Then I listened to it again and I then heard the beauty that I was not listening to at first listen. Personal note, if you're ever listening to Gregory & the Hawk, make sure to be alone and laying around because if you're multitasking and running around your house at about 1 or 2 in the morning you won't hear the inner beauty of the songs. I then moved onto her most recent album, Moenie & Kitchi. That album really blew me away, personally. Voice Like A Bell, Ghost, Doubtful, and Grey Weather were the first songs that stuck out to me. Then I found out about the iTunes Bonus Track Dare & Daring and I had to buy it because of my love for G&TH.
Overtime, I just loved all the songs on the album.
I explored more and more on G&TH that I found some good unreleased or secretly released songs from Meredith Godreau.

While I was looking up more songs I found goofy songs, heartfelt songs, collaboration songs and many songs from or by Meridith Godreau I also found out that there's a little war going on the internet about G&TH being a band or a solo artist.

To me, it's more of a solo artist than a band. Kind of like the band Blow.

G&TH had Meredith and some guy and then it was only Meredith, same with Khaelea (the Blow), she had some guy in the band and then it was back to Khaelea again.

All in All, I love Gregory and the Hawk, her vocals, melodies, vocal arrangement, lyrics, artwork, everything is great, and I hope she makes great songs for us until I pass.

Here's to you, Meredith Godreau.

P.S. - Meredith Godreau & Andrew Futral collaborated and made a band called, Fotuna Mikou, they released a 4-track EP that (i think) is no longer available through G&TH or Andrew Futral's websites. So I'm offering the songs to you, the public. I hope you like them as much as I did.

Free Downloads
Gregory & the Hawk
Voice Like A Bell
Doubtful & Grey Weather
A Wish
Fin Song 8 (Orange River Remix)
Oats We Sow
Two Faced Twin
Dare & Daring[m4a file type]


Fotuna Mikou

Over My Head (Metrocard) [The Fray Cover]
Talkin' In My Sleep
The Gambler
Waste Of Time

Official Website


Music Videos
Ghost by Gregory & the Hawk

I hope you enjoy this amazing Singer/Songwriter!

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