Monday, May 23, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Elizabeth & the Catapult5/23/11-5/30/11

Elizabeth & the Catapult, an Indie Pop/Rock with a musical style dark and upbeat that would be fit for a score for a Showtime Original Television Series.
Elizabeth and the Catapult have been a critic favorite since they appeared on the music scene in 2006, with their self-titled EP release. Their debut album, Taller Children really captured music critics with their honest and observant lyrics along with soothing vocals of lead singer, Elizabeth Ziman, and their catchy melodies, especially with their commercial song, Race You, the band was made to be noticed.
Their second album, The Other Side of Zero, expressed more of a pop like sound, with songs such as, (Time) We All Fall Down and You & Me, songs featuring themes more focused on love and life, more like the themes featured in the last album. The first few songs on the album are ones that are needed for a good music collection in the spring/fall season.
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Selective Songs from Taller Children
Selective Songs from The Other Side of Zero

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Monday, May 9, 2011


Adele. Words cannot describe how timeless this artist is. I could go on and on about her talent and her music, but I think that the hundreds of music critics and thousands of internet bloggers have said enough of that.
When I first heard about Adele, her song, "Hometown Glory," being featured as the iTunes single of the week. I saw the cover art for the single and I thought that because of her style and her physique she would be looked over by the music industry and just be another great artist stuck in the underground. But, she received great publicity with her song, "Chasing Pavements" in the US and with, "Cold Shoulder" in the UK/Europe. Every person that had a passion to sing was talking about Adele. Her music touched people's hearts and her lyrics stayed in people's minds. Her melodies gave people a thing to groove to and her emotions gave people a feeling of something amazing.
This year (2011), she has released her second studio album, "21". This album showed so much more promise. I thought that she would experience the same fate as Corinne Bailey Rae because of her change from blues to more soul/gospelesque music. But her first single, "Rolling In The Deep," soared the charts and her album became a #1 seller in the US and the UK. I was so happy to hear people talk about Adele and her second album. Sadly because she became so famous, there's always that group of people that do not like her because of her fame. Some people have said that she has sold out with her 21 album. Her catchy melodies and hooks/choruses in the songs. Too Pop, (Well she is a pop musician, anyways). Adele replies back to this saying that she's trying to find her sound.
If you haven't listened to Adele, you should, and then buy her CD, 21.

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Selective Songs from19
Selective Songs from 21

Monday, May 2, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Hotel Lights5/2/11-5/9/11

Hotel Lights, real name Darren Jessee, is a folk-singing man at heart. When he premiered on the music scene with his self-titled debut album, Hotel Lights, it exploded on the indie folk world when his song, "Follow Through" was featured on Grey's Anatomy in 2006. After that exposure, Hotel Lights had a following and other television shows asking to license his songs for their shows. His debut album became a hit, (not a huge one but a must-have at least) in 2006. Being in Barnes and Nobel and Target/Best Buy stores in the "Grey's Music" section, (I remember that section). After that album he released an EP called, Goodnight Goodmorning, and a second studio album called, Firecraker People.
Here's some songs if his style has piqued your interest!

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A.M. Slow Golden Hit
What You Meant
Follow Through
Let Me Be The One
The Waves
Blue Always Find Me
Wedding Day

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