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ArtistoftheWeek:Natalia Lafourcade7/13/10-7/20/10

I found out about Natalia Lafourcade when I was looking for some more Latin Artists and I couldn't really find any I liked. Then I heard her song, "En El 2000", and I was blow away. It was as if I was listening to Nelly Furtado mixed with the Spanish version of Alanis Morrissette. It was pretty cool. Then I found out about her song "Casa" & "O Pato", then I heard her most recent song, "Ella Es Bonita". A great song, indeed. I really liked all of those four songs. But it took me a while to like the albums. They were the ones that you have to sit down and listen to till the end. If you don't you'll miss out on the whole thing.
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Cursis Melodias
Ella Es Bonita
Te Queiro Dar
Busca Problema
O Pato
En El 2000

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Monday, August 13, 2012

ArtistoftheWeek:Carina Round 8/13/12-8/20/12 [Recycled]

I have loved this artist since 2006 when this ad on ArtistDirect (a music site I used to go to for information and new music before I knew about iTunes, Wikipedia and Youtube) caught my eye. I listen to the her album Slow Motion Addict and was hooked by 30-second sample of the first song, "Stolen Car". Her voice is very captivating and her lyrics are so interesting to listen to. Also, the album gave off an energy of anger (that I needed when I was a pre-teen). Her album has been a mainstay of my music collection. It's always been a different style than any other music I have come across from in the past six years of listening to over 1 million songs from all over the world (that might be an exaggeration) I've never encountered another musician with a style like Round, unless it was PJ Harvey. Her Slow Motion Addict album is a great one to have in anyone's music collection.
Especially for 90s kids who grew up listening to the female one-hit wonders like it was their job.
Since the release of Slow Motion, Round has come out with an EP called, Things You Should Know. The EP featured a song on their that was very befitting for new listeners of Round. Backseat, is a sweet love song that touches the hearts of many that look for love and comfort from that special someone, from their family members, their friends or even God. The EP is contains very intimate and slow sogs that Round has wanted to release for a long time.
After hanging around with Puscifer and doing things with Gary Go, she comes back hard with a new single called, "The Last Time". A hard-hitting, and yet seductively rock-filled song. The music video for it is one to see, trust me. After that she did a few gigs and then came out with a new album this year called, Tigermending. The album is a lot calmer and more folk than Slow Motion Addict. The album is a good introduction to new fans of Round's music in 2012. It's that album that you'd listen to if you need a break from all the clubby, upbeat, annoyingly repetitive music that is topping the charts today. So if you're that person in need of a break from radio music check out Tigermending, a chill album for the summer.
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Selective Songs From Slow Motion Addict
Selective Songs From Tigermending
You & Me [Acoustic Version]
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Monday, August 6, 2012

ArtistoftheWeek: Missy Higgins 8/6/12-8/13/12

Missy Higgins has been gone a long time. Five years to be exact. It seems that Higgins needed some time out from the music industry for some time to recollect with herself and get all her stuff together. I have to admit the long break is a surprise to many fans like myself. She released two #1 Australian albums acquired ARIA Awards (Australian Grammys) and broke out into the US with her single, Where I Stood. Her music was featured all over television and had so much going for her. Then in 2007, she disappeared. Some thought that she'd never be heard of again like Lauryn Hill but she couldn't live on without the embrace of the music. The sounds, the melodies, the arranging, the emotional connection and the sharing of one's thoughts through song. Of course, Missy missed that life, and decided to come back strong with her new album, The Ol' Razzle Dazzle. In her new album, she is pouring her heart out about her relationship with music, people, life, and herself. It's an open confession of unconditional truth. I personally think that it beats her last two albums out of the water. If you haven't heard of Missy Higgins at all check out the songs that make her who she is today.
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Where I Stood| Warm Whispers
Selective Songs From The Ol' Razzle Dazzle

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