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ArtistoftheWeek:Gemma Hayes 4/17/10-4/24/10

I love Gemma Hayes, I remember the first time I heard her when she played on Grey's Anatomy with her song, "Two Step". Great song. I didn't really cheeck out the artist until about Mid-March this year. 4 years after I heard her singing on Grey's.
I had her second album, The Roads Don't Love You, and I finally listened through the whole album (w/o multitasking) and I found my second favorite song of all time, called, "Another for the Darkness". The melody, vocals, and lyrics, all wrapped up into a great song. After listening to the song I looked for more songs from this wonderful artist. The songs on The Roads Don't Love You, reminded me of grieving and getting over a death of a loved one.
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Two Step
Another For The Darkness
Happy Sad|Easy On The Eye
Keep Me Here|Undercover|Nothing Can
Something In My Way|Horses

Her debut album, Night On My Side, really took my breath away. Especially when I saw the music videos for, "Let A Good Thing Go", "Hanging Around", and "Back Of Your Hand". I really liked the feeling of the album, it's like the feeling of a calm night out on the town. The streetlights and the fast cars fly by while you're calming contemplating about your life.
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Let A Good Thing Go
Hanging Around|Back Of My Hand
Work To A Calm

Her most recent album, "The Hollow Of Morning", is an acoustically melancholic album filled with songs for that empty feeling in the morning hence the title, it's a pretty good for that feeling for the early morning out in the wild with your RV and a can of beans.
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Out Of Our Hands
Home|At Constant Speed|

Her most recent release the "Oliver EP", has some really good calm relaxing songs on it. Like the title track Oliver & Ghost.
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Now, I can't do this article without talking about her B-Sides and Collaborations.
"Summers In Doubt", the B-Side on the Let A Good Thing Go single, is such an amazing song to begin or end of your summertime fun or drama. Whichever way it's great for the season.
Gemma Hayes collaborated with Anti Atlas for a song called, "It's A Shame", a really well done song by an electronic band I've never heard of before and an artist that I've already heard of.
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Summers In Doubt
It's A Shame [m4a file]

-Gemma Hayes' Music Videos-

~Gotta Love Gemma Hayes~

~Gotta Love Gemma Hayes~

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