Monday, July 25, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:DJ Deckstream7/25/11-8/1/11

I found out about DJ Deckstream from this blog from tumblr called,Throwback Songs. I looked into more of this musician and found out that he's a producer and all of his songs are filled with artists from Japan or California, showing off their musical talents on Deckstream's beats. when put together the music is amazing. His style of music is really inspired by throwback songs of hip hop and R&B. It's a pretty cool listen and the albums feature a lot of famous Hip Hop/R&B musicians like, T-Boz (TLC), Verbal (M-Flo) and Lupe Fiasco.
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Monday, July 18, 2011


A friend of mine showed me this artist. The song she introduced me was Stars. It was ok, but I looked around the net for some other songs of SAWA. I then stumbled upon the music video for ManyColors. I listened to the song and immediately loved the beat. When SAWA started singing and the lyrics were as great as the song. After that song, I just had to get more of SAWA's music. So I got her album, Welcome To Sa-World, and the style of music was a little different for my taste but all in all, the album was good. Listening to the album, you can really feel like you're exploring "Sa-World". From beginning to end the songs on the album, were as entertaining as they were catchy.
The two non-single songs that were on the album, that really made an impression on me were, Throw Him Away and Friday Night.
Throw Him Away, has a feeling of a sunny
summer day of fun. The song sounds like it has elements of shibuya-kei with a bit ofdisco influences. Putting those two styles together brings out a cute and catchy song to listen to while doing day-to-day responsibilities. Friday Night, is a great title for this song. There's elements of R&B mixing with elements of disco pop in the song. A perfect song for going out. Riding in the car with your friends, bobbing your hands to this song. (If you live in Japan.) There were other songs that I liked from SAWA outside of her debut album.
From her debut mini album, COLORS, her song, Yellow, is such a catchy, upbeat, and relaxing song to listen to during lazy summer days.
The other songs are from her second mini album, Time &Space, three songs that really
left an impression for me were, Discovery, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Are You Ready For Love? The song, Discovery, is a track that really gives you the feeling that you're going through space and time, in a spaceship, soaring around the galaxy, feeling cool. The next track, Metropolitan Museum of Art, has a strong melodic beginning, giving the listener an intrigued feeling of what's gonna come of this song. SAWA starts to sing on the song and then you hear the chorus and automatically you're hooked. Are You Ready For Love is an Elton John cover, that is well done by SAWA. (I'm not much of an Elton fan, but I'd give him a chance after hearing this cover.)
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I hope you enjoy the sounds of SAWA during the days of Summer!

Monday, July 11, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:BONNIE PINK7/11/11-7/18/11

Bonnie Pink, has been around in the music industry possibly for as long as I've been alive! This Japanese singer/songwriter has such a talent that you can't pass up. Her style ranging from shibuya-kei, to Jpop/rock to R&B. I have heard of her from a song that has been used in an anime, but that song was just a taste of how amazing her songs truly are. The first album I heard of hers was Golden Tears. With her single, "So Wonderful", it's a song that you can enjoy while traveling. Even the whole album is perfect for traveling around. The album became one of my top frequent albums of 2009.
A year later, she released a new
album called, Dear Diary. I listened to the album whole and when I heard the song Morning Glory, I instantly loved it. Hearing that song made me see Bonnie Pink in a whole new light.Knowing that a Japanese musician wrote a song about depression and hope made me smile. It made me know that Bonnie Pink is a strong women filled with a sense of melancholy and hope. Now I listen to Morning Glory every morning, reminding myself to keep going and to live more. (I do not have depression, but there are some days that are harder than others.)
When I listened to her B-Sides I heard a variety of genres filled in every song, giving it a great pop feel. The song that really stuck to me most was her all-English song, "The Last Thing I Can Do". Every lazy day I pop on that song and lay down enjoying the day relaxed and calm. The song is a really sweet song filled with strong lyrics, vocals, and a simple melody, of only a guitar or two. It's a really personal song of Bonnie Pink.
Selective Songs from Golden Tears
Selective Songs from Reminiscence
Selective Songs from Dear Diary
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I hope you guys like Bonnie Pink! If you want anymore of her music, go to iTunes!

Monday, July 4, 2011

ArtistoftheWeek:Curly Giraffe7/4/11-7/11/11

I found out about Curly Giraffe, when I looked up Akino Arai in the US iTunes store. I did not know about this artist and didn't understand the relation between the two until I finally gave him a chance a couple months ago. I automatically fell in love with the feeling of the music, Curly Giraffe made. Especially the songs outside of his self-cover album, Thank You For Being A Friend. I listen to the two albums before his self cover and they're as good, possibly better than the covers.Curly Giraffe's shibuya-kei style is one that really reminds me of the America music while still being a chill relaxing Japanese song, like ROUND TABLE but more relaxing.Curly Giraffe is perfect for the summer. Especially if you're a Japanese music lover and you just need some chill music to listen to for the lackadaisical days of
summer. Songs filled with smooth vocals, and thoughts of those normal sunny days
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I hope you guys like Curly Giraffe & I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

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