Monday, August 6, 2012

ArtistoftheWeek: Missy Higgins 8/6/12-8/13/12

Missy Higgins has been gone a long time. Five years to be exact. It seems that Higgins needed some time out from the music industry for some time to recollect with herself and get all her stuff together. I have to admit the long break is a surprise to many fans like myself. She released two #1 Australian albums acquired ARIA Awards (Australian Grammys) and broke out into the US with her single, Where I Stood. Her music was featured all over television and had so much going for her. Then in 2007, she disappeared. Some thought that she'd never be heard of again like Lauryn Hill but she couldn't live on without the embrace of the music. The sounds, the melodies, the arranging, the emotional connection and the sharing of one's thoughts through song. Of course, Missy missed that life, and decided to come back strong with her new album, The Ol' Razzle Dazzle. In her new album, she is pouring her heart out about her relationship with music, people, life, and herself. It's an open confession of unconditional truth. I personally think that it beats her last two albums out of the water. If you haven't heard of Missy Higgins at all check out the songs that make her who she is today.
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Where I Stood| Warm Whispers
Selective Songs From The Ol' Razzle Dazzle

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