Monday, June 24, 2013

8 Years Later...

Hello everyone!

When I started this music blog it was originally on A website that was used for people to express their creativity and was circled around the series quarterlife. On that website I had a profile and didn't know what to do with my free time. Until one day, I was looking through my music collection and thought, "Maybe I could make a profile sharing music I listen to." After awhile of thinking I thought of ArtistoftheWeek. On the website I uploaded every song that the musician released, posted every picture that I could find on the internet and wrote an autobiography of the musician/band. I gained some popularity on the site and was even featured on the front page a few times doing what I loved, sharing music with the world.
Unfortunately, overtime the quarterlife website was not getting a lot of traffic to run independently and the series did not continue for a second season. I noticed this and decided to start posting AOTW on different sites. This is when I went over to websites like, tumblr and imeem in 2009. The blog was receiving more popularity from more than one platform. I also spent time marketing it on twitter, facebook and flickr. Soon after, the blog started to become more of a full-time job. But I still loved every minute of it. In 2010, Quarterlife shut down their website. Around that time I was all ready for continuing the blog on a different website, blogger. I continued blogging on this site and promoted it on various other websites.
After 2010, I became busy with education and pursuing other activities such as vlogging and writing. I decided to do ArtistoftheWeek only in the summer but doing that felt like I was doing a disservice to fellow fans of the blog. Now it's 2013, and I'm making a big decision. I will be discontinuing the music blog and will be focusing more on college, vlogging and writing. I will still keep the website up and will be redesigning it soon. I will be changing the facebook page and discontinuing the other pages that I used to promote and share this blog.
I am thankful for all of the people who visited/followed or even shared this blog during it's run. I hope that everyone had a good time checking out the new artists every week and found out about some new music.

From the bottom of my heart thank you so much for being apart of this blog. I couldn't have continued without the support and love from the fans and viewers.

Thank you

- Coral R.

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