Monday, July 23, 2012

ArtistoftheWeek:Dragonette 7/23/12-7/30/12

 It's surprising to know that Dragonette has done some much in so little time. They've released two albums within two years and on their way of releasing another one this summer (probably next spring but hey at least they're planning on releasing another album soon). This Canadian  electropop-rock group have achieved success with the release of Galore and Fixin' To Thrill. Their popularity is so noteworthy that many Americans label them as, "Canada's apology for Justin Bieber". 
The group formed in 2005 and have been going strong ever since. Their rise in success and popularity can be noted as similar as Metric's rise to popularity after their third album, Live It Out. The band work and tour a lot while also working hard on other projects. For example, Martina Sorbara was heavily feautured in Martin Solveig's album, SMASH. She also wrote and produced Dan Kurtz, bassist of the band, has another band he works with called, The New Deal (well, I guess had another band. They broke up in 2011) and their drummer Joel Stouffer has been a guest drummist on many albums.
Their music has that dance pop feeling fueled with the influences of rock n roll. This is shown well in their album, Galore. Songs like, I Get Around and Competition really show off that rock feel that the group has. Many of their songs give off that feeling of summer like, "Pick Up The Phone", "Big Sunglasses" and "Volcano". The band is perfect to have in your collection for a hot summer mix. Especially when you're planning on going to the beach.
Their recent single, "Let It Go", is a song that reminds me of "Warrior" by Kimbra, Mark Foster & A-Trak. It has that positive message of high self-esteem and the electro-pop feeling that makes you want to shake your worries away. With that being said, if you haven't heard of Dragonette, check 'em out because I can promise you that their third album will be talked about a lot when it releases.
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Selective Songs From Galore
Selective Songs From Fixin To Thrill
Let It Go
~If You Like Dragons, Listen To Dragonette~

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