Monday, July 16, 2012

ArtistoftheWeek:Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 7/16/12-7/23/12

If you haven't heard about PONPONPON then you should check it out now before I start off.
Now that we've caught you up to speed (or got you back on this page after hours of being lost in Youtube) we can talk about the success of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and her music.
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu started out as a Harajuku model at the age of 14. She's kept up with the world by keeping a blog telling people about her travels and her photo shoots. She had fun modeling with food, machines, and creatures made from paper-mache but after a few years of doing all this she developed the desire to sing, so she released an indies track (in Japan unknown releases are called "indies") and got a little bit of recognition from people, but not enough. One day, Yasutaka Nakata took a look at Kyary and said, "I'mma make you a star", and the rest was history. She worked with him in the studio while he was also working with, Capsule, MEG, Perfume, Ami Suzuki, Coltemonikha, SMAP, the list goes on and on. I don't know how in God's name he does it (Adderral) but nonetheless he took the girl, worked on her with a few tracks and released the "PONPONPON" music video and single worldwide on July 16th 2011.
*Today is the anniversary of PONPONPON.*
The world responded to the music video in various ways, in shock, fear, enjoyment, fun, judgement and addiction. The music video has received more than 20 million views and people are still watching it even after a year of it being out. She then released an EP titled Moshi Moshi Harajuku which topped Electronic charts all over the world especially in the US. After that she released two new singles, "Tsukema Tsukeru" and "CANDY CANDY". The music videos for the two songs are ranking up in millions in views as well.
In May 2012, she released her debut album Pamyu Pamyu Revolution. This album topped the charts in both Japan and America (US iTunes Electronic #1 & Oricon Charts #2). The album has been well-received by critics and fans of KPP. Kyary has toured a little bit in the US and has been played on American radio stations (in California but hey that's a start). It'll be great to see where this success with take Kyary, Yasutaka Nakata and Jpop in the future.
Free Downloads
Chodo Iino (English lyrics)
Drinker (English lyrics)
Jelly [Capsule Cover]
~Keep Calm & PONPONPON~

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